Re/genT is a Testing and R&D centre specialized in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps, with emphasis on green innovations, energy efficiency and natural refrigerants.

General information

Re/genT has its own laboratory, available for practical investigations on domestic and commercial appliances and components. A part of the activities of Re/genT consists of testing and verification of eco-design requirements of domestic and commercial products or equipment. In this respect it is relevant that Re/genT is ISO 17025 accredited for testing the energy consumption and performance of household refrigerators, commercially used plug in coolers or freezers and refrigerated storage cabinets. For more information about the ISO 17025 scope activities, reference is made to the Dutch RVA website.

Re/genT is also a supplier of domestic and commercial refrigerator testing facilities (climate rooms with measurement & control equipment), test rigs of refrigeration system components and IEC 62552-2015 compliant refrigerator testing software named ColApp.

Rankine and Peltier based refrigeration systems are regularly applied in R&D projects, but Re/genT is also familiar with “not in kind technologies” such as the Stirling cycle, evaporative cooling, air cycle or magnetic cooling. Consultancy and training courses are given to customers, upon request completed with theoretical studies and literature surveys. The design and development of computer simulation software completes the list of activities.


Re/genT has been founded in 1993 by two researchers previously employed at Philips Research in the Netherlands having a long term experience in the refrigeration area. Currently Re/genT employs 30 persons.

Flexible and reliable

Re/genT is a flexible company with highly educated scientists and engineers. Re/genT is a reliable partner for the industry and government, ensuring high quality.